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CUW has familiar look

CUW has familiar look

Article written by Pat Neumuth of the Daily News newspaper on Sept. 20, 2012.

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Kewaskum isn't quite a feeder school to Concordia University, but if you look at the Falcons' volleyball team, you'd might think it is. Juniors Lauren Gonring and Ashley Faber, along with freshmen Emily Faber and Sabrina Boehlke all play for Concordia coach Joe Cawley.

But it's not a surprise Cawley successfully recruited these four Kewaskum women. Kewaskum volleyball coach Joe Moser was an assistant coach for Cawley before taking over at Kewaskum in 2009. That was Gonring and Ashley Faber's senior season. Moser uses the same offense and defense Cawley uses, so it was a natural fit for the Kewaskum girls to play at Concordia.

"Joe's mom is a professor here and he wanted to get into coaching and was a P.E. major here," Cawley said."So Joe started with me and dated one of my players, Lindsey, and they are now married.

"But when it comes to the concept of our offense and defense they were ahead of people. What attracts me to the Kewaskum players and having Joe coach them, they have that ability to understand what I want to accomplishand what I'm looking for in an athlete."

For the four women, choosing Concordia had nothing to do with being familiar with the style of play.

"It was definitely an individual decision," Gonring said.

Boehlke was a freshman at Kewaskum when Faber and Gonring were seniors. She liked Concordia, but also wanted to play with them. Boehlke asked Faber what to expect and encouraged her to try out.

"I told her what to expect and what I like and didn't like about it," Faber said. "What I learned from my freshman and sophomore year."

Cawley said Gonring was the first recruit he went to see out of the Kewaskum athletes. Gonring was a three-time first team All-Eastern Wisconsin Conference libero for Kewaskum.

"She was playing behind an all-conference libero, who was a senior her freshman year," Cawley said. "What was good is she played behind her and learned the tricks of the trade."

Faber primarily went to Concordia to play softball. However, after playing both sports her freshman year, she wanted to just concentrate on volleyball. That was great news for Cawley. He needed a setter and Faber stepped in and filled that position.

But Faber is a versatile player.

"Joe had her set in the back row and attack in the front row," Cawley said."You find an athlete that can do multiple things, that helps me as a coach."

This season, a transfer setter joined the team and the weakness was at hitter. Now she's a hitter and Cawley thanks Moser for helping develop Faber. At a school the size of Concordia, the student part comes well before the athlete part. Boehlke is enrolled as a communications major, while Faber and Gonring are in the occupational therapy program. For Faber and Gonring, this means they will see a lot more of Moser. Not Joe, but his mother Christine Moser. She is a professor in the School of Health Professions and teaches a number of occupational therapy classes.

"I also like the Christian aspect, too," Boehlke said.

The Falcons' season hasn't started off too great. They are 3-11 overall and 0-3 in conference. But the schedule has been hectic. The Falcons traveled to Concordia University Texas and have played in two tournaments in Illinois. They've also only had one home game.

Gonring is third on the team with 93 digs in 11 matches. Faber has played all 14 matches and has 42 assists and 65 kills.

CUW has familiar look
September 20, 2012 CUW has familiar look