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Wrestling helps Maribel farmer clean up after tornado

Wrestling helps Maribel farmer clean up after tornado

Story courtesy of WBAY Action 2 News in Green Bay, Wis.

Maribel, Wis. -- The Concordia University Wisconsin Wrestling team helps a farmer in Maribel tackle a tough job -- cleaning up after a tornado last month damaged several barns.

The tornado last month ripped through Steve Post's farm leaving a path of destruction.

"Mostly our milking barn, the top story was taken off. The bottom was untouched, so we're still milking cows in it. The smaller buildings all have some sort of damage," said Post.

The coach of the Concordia University wrestling team grew up just a few miles from the farm and wanted to help.

"For me, personally it's kind of a win-win, having my team, my new home, help out my old home," said coach Corey Van Groll.

The wrestling team traveled from the university, which is in Mequon, to Maribel to lend a hand.

"You get a good feeling and kind of smile because you get the opportunity to help someone," said team member Greg Sanders.

"We have 20 to 30 of the toughest guys in the nation. Why not use them in a constructive way?" said Van Groll.

A barn was destroyed when the tornado came through and one of the big projects the wrestlers worked on was getting out 1,000 bales of hay, so the farmer can rebuild.

"You know a big project like this if you only have a handful of people, it would take you a few days, where they got it done in a few hours. It means a lot," said Post.

The team's coach says he looks for opportunities like this to give back which is good for the team.

"It definitely brings us closer. We're together now, so we're going to be talking and learning about each other. It's nice getting to know everybody," added Van Groll.

The farm is expected to be fully cleaned up and the barn rebuilt by November.


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