Men’s Lacrosse gives back to the community through fall community service projects

Men’s Lacrosse gives back to the community through fall community service projects

MEQUON, Wis.- This past fall the Concordia University Wisconsin Men's Lacrosse team was busy outside the classroom, giving back to the surrounding community.

Throughout the fall the Men's Lacrosse team had to find ways to help out the local community; which will benefit not only the people that they help, but also the team members that are involved.

Head coach Jeff Roberts believes that community service is an imperative part of his program, and his players growing and maturing as men. The community service projects are not picked by the coaches but are voted on by the players and then picked by the student-athletes.

Men's Lacrosse in the community:
This first of three community service projects the team participated in was a NCAA football game where they sat and visited with veterans of our armed services.

"This experience was great for all involved because they got to learn what and how these men sacrificed for us and their country, and it was an eye-opening experience for our players," Roberts said.

Throughout the day the student-athletes visited and listened to stories, and helped the veterans in whatever was needed. The game did go CUW's way on the football field, but for the young men who visited and spent time with some true heroes that afternoon.

"The members of the lacrosse team are in debt to the service and freedoms that they have provided," Roberts said. "In all it was a great experience for all the members of the lacrosse team."

As the fall season moved in for good, the CUW Men's Lacrosse team was busy helping the community. They had forged a relationship with the Sunrise Rotary Club of Mequon, Wis., and lent a hand at the annual Lobster Fest dinner. Lobster Fest is a dinner the Rotarians put on annually to raise money for polio research in underdeveloped countries.

"This is a huge mission for the organization and they feel very strong about the cause and riding the world of polio," Roberts said.

The mission for the lacrosse student-athletes that night was to help plate the food and serve as the wait staff for the evening. For some players it was similar to backgrounds as waiters during the summer, but for other student-athletes it was a new experience into the world of serving food.

"The night again was a great experience for everyone involved and it was for a great cause," Roberts said.

The final community service event for the fall of 2011 was a safe haunted hay ride in Mequon, Wis.The team once again showed their care and hospitality to the local community as student-athletes partnered with the rotary club, as well as other individuals from the local community to provide a safe Halloween party and hay ride. The lacrosse players were responsible for putting on skits along the hay ride route, as well as working the games for the children indoors.

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