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P.R.I.D.E award winners announced

Photo by Sam Dunn
Photo by Sam Dunn

MEQUON, Wis. -- Concordia Wisconsin Football head coach Greg Etter has announced the P.R.I.D.E winners for the 2017 season. P.R.I.D.E stands for personal responsibility in daily effort.

Game 1 vs. Finlandia
Offense: Devin Kooi
Defense: Albert Goerlitz
Special Teams: Isaiah Tenette
Scout Offense: Carter Kidd
Scout Defense: Justin Dunlap

Game 2 at Augsburg
Offense: Josh Sanders
Defense: Evan Rusch
Special Teams: Jake Riportella
Scout Offense: Ryan Curran
Scout Defense: Alex Loding

Game 3 at Albion
Offense: Jake Riportella
Defense: Denzel Goodwin
Special Teams: Troy Stewart
Scout Offense: Brenden Weigle
Scout Defense: Jacob Schulman
Scout Special Teams: Blake Wilson

Offense: Jake Buscher
Defense: Jacob Ryan
Special Teams: Albert Goerlitz
Scout Offense: Christian Dufresne
Scout Defense: Kylar Crouse
Scout Special Teams: Brandon Hargis, Brendan Bell

Game 4 vs. Lakeland
Offense: Camren Crouse
Defense: Damon Mull
Special Teams: Albert Goerlitz
Scout Offense: Nathan Hunt
Scout Defense: Kaleb Bosan
Scout Special Teams: Brendan Bell

Game 5 at Benedictine
Offense: Drew Boyter
Defense: Tyler Ryan
Special Teams: Will Bacon
Scout Offense: Charlie Schnell
Scout Defense: Kylar Crouse
Scout Special Teams: Carter Kidd

Game 6 vs. Wisconsin Lutheran
Offense: Aaron Custer
Defense: Maxwell Fischer
Special Teams: Jacob Mason
Scout Offense: J Contreras
Scout Defense: Kylar Crouse, Tyler Ryan
Scout Special Teams: Victor Hernandez

Game 7 at Concordia Chicago
Offense: DeMarcus Heglar
Defense: Tyresse Purefoy
Special Teams: Lee Andrew Carter
Scout Offense: J Contreras
Scout Defense: David Palmer
Scout Special Teams: Jacob Schulman

Game 8 at Rockford
Offense: Connor Wagner
Defense: Jon Rauh
Special Teams: Jordan Quinn
Scout Offense: Offense Line
Scout Defense: Jackson Everett
Scout Special Teams: Cortney Lanigan

Game 9 vs. Aurora
Offense: Devin Kooi
Defense: Justin Dunlap
Special Teams: Kody Lemley
Scout Offense: Brandon Hargis
Scout Defense: Brendan Bell
Scout Special Teams: D'Anthony Lee

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