Helpful Hints for DANCE Tryouts!

Dance tryouts at Concordia University Wisconsin are quickly approaching!! The tryouts are held in a three day format. The first two days are centered mostly on instruction - teaching a routine or two while observing technical skills as well as overall attitude and determination. The third day requires the dance team candidates to put everything together with technique and show off all their hard work in front of a judging panel.

Some helpful hints for a perfect tryout...

1. Don't be TOO nervous. Some nerves are good to keep the adrenaline pumping, but calm yourself down by doing something relaxing.

2. Always SMILE! Even if you mess up, the judges are looking for how well you can recover from a mistake in a routine. Not only are the judges looking for technique and memory skills but they are always looking for showmanship as well, and how well you perform in front of a crowd or small group.

3. Do the routine EXACTLY how it was taught. If there is some question about a movement that you do not understand as a question to clarify. The judges do want to see attitude put into the routine but still remaining with the same moves that are in the original choreographed routine.

4. STRETCH!! If you have not been dancing all summer, a 2 day clinic and tryout may be tough on your muscles. The candidates will be tested on flexibility with their splits so start stretching every day from now until the tryout.

5. PRACTICE!!! Even if you have been dancing all your life, it doesn't hurt to do a couple pirouettes and leaps here and there before the tryout to retain that muscle memory that you have worked so hard to achieve. Even if you have not been able to do something in the past, start practicing now! Practice can make perfect, try working on fouette turns starting now and keep up with practicing the rest of the summer and that is a huge bonus to your judging score and really help secure your spot on the team.

6. Be POSITIVE. If something goes wrong with the tryout (you fall out of a turn or don't nail a landing out of a leap) just pick yourself back up. TRY AGAIN! You know what you are capable of and if you are sure you can do better, show the judges. Ask, can I try that again, they will most likely be understanding and know that this is a tryout and it can be nerve-wracking.

7. BRING IT! Most of all be yourself at the tryout, the judges want to see what you are made of and the best characteristics about you. Make sure that you have a great time and remember we are all here to DANCE!!