Cheerleading tryout tips

Cheerleading tryout tips

1) Enter the floor for tryouts with as much enthusiasm as possible. The judges want to see you hit your crowd even in nerve racking situation.

2) Make sure to Smile, this is very important in cheerleading. Try to make your smile look natural, judges want you to look like you are actually having fun, not throwing on a fake smile.

3) Use a loud clear voice. Do not sing the cheer! The words should be sharp and clear.

4) If you make a mistake move on. Don't get caught up on it, everyone makes mistakes. The small mistake won't affect you judging but how you handle the mistakes will. Also It's ok to ask for a redo. If you feel you didn't do a skill the best you could. It's ok to ask to do it again. Judges know that you're nervous and everything may not hit the first time.

5) If the judges ask you to do a skill over again, it doesn't mean that it was bad. Sometimes a judge missed something or just wants to see the skill again. Do not take this as a bad thing.