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Athletics Communications

The Concordia University Wisconsin Department of Athletic Communications is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information, results, statistics and any other pertinent information relating to its 32 athletic programs. 

Mailing Address

Concordia University Wisconsin Athletic Communications
12800 North Lake Shore Drive
Mequon, WI 53097

Fax Number
(262) 243-4475

Athletic Communications Staff
Steven Schauer
Director of Athletic Communications
Office: (262) 243-2664

Sports Contact: Co-Football, Women's Basketball, Men's and Women's Golf, Men's Lacrosse, Wrestling, Men's and Women's Volleyball, Shooting, Co-Acrobatics and Tumbling and ACHA Men's Hockey.

Jeremy Crawford
Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
Office: (262) 243-2005

Sports Contact: Co-Acrobatics and Tumbling, Men's and Women's Cross Country, Men's and Women's Hockey, Field Hockey, Women's Soccer, Men's and Women's Track & Field, Softball, Women's Tennis, Cheer, Dance and Women's Triathlon.

Jordan Benson
Athletic Communications Graduate Assistant

Sports Contact: Co-Football, Men's Soccer, Wrestling, Men's Basketball, Baseball, Men's Tennis, Women's Lacrosse and Co-Men's Volleyball.

We are CUW, Concordia Wisconsin or Concordia University Wisconsin: In all references, please refer to us as CUW, Concordia Wisconsin or Concordia University Wisconsin. We are CUW, not Concordia University of Wisconsin, Concordia University-Wisconsin, Concordia University Wis., Concordia University (Wis.), Concordia U. Wis., Concordia U. (Wis.), Concordia of Wisconsin, Concordia-Wisconsin, Concordia Wis., Concordia-Wis., Concordia College, Concordia College Wisconsin, Concordia College of Wisconsin or any other variation. We are CUW, Concordia Wisconsin or Concordia University Wisconsin.

CUW Athletic Communications Department Policies

Postgame Interviews -- Will be conducted at a designated location following an NCAA mandated 10-minute cooling-off period. CUW head coaches and selected players will be made available for interviews upon request. Media requests for both CUW and opposing coaches and players should be made to the CUW Department of Atheltic Communications. Opponent requests will be forwarded to the visiting athletic communicator. All Falcon locker rooms are closed to the media.

Interviews During the Week  -- All interview requests must be arranged through Steven Schauer in the Department of Athletic Communications. Please contact Steven Schauer to arrange interviews during the week. Practice is closed, but arrangements can be made in advance if you are planning on shooting B-roll footage. Coaches and student-athletes are available for interviews on non-game days following practice or through special arrangements.  -- All the latest scores, statistics and coach/player information is available by accessing the CUW Athletic Department website at Game stories, previews, statistics, game notes, videos, photos and advisories will be sent to interested media via e-mail. Live stats and audio/video streaming for selected home events are also available online at

Additional Services  -- In an effort to serve members of the media, the Department of Athletic Communications will, within reason and to the best of its ability, service all requests. Photographs of student-athletes or coaches will be made available for print or online media outlets unable to shoot a Falcon event. Photo credits must always read "Photograph courtesy of"

Radio -- All radio stations wishing to broadcast from a facility at CUW should contact the Department of Athletic Communications at least one week prior to the event. Space will be provided for the official radio station of the visiting team; others will be accommodated as space permits. Phone lines must be arranged for all stations in advance. 

Game Notes -- Media members can receive Falcon game notes via

Internet and Telephone Access -- Internet access and phone lines are available at the R. John Buuck Field House, Tomasini Stadium, Kapco Park and the Ozaukee Ice Center. If a telephone or hardline internet line is needed contact the Department of Athletic Communications.

Live Video/Audio Streaming -- Selected home events will be streamed live through Please check the schedule of interested sport to see if this option is available that selected event.

Home Post-Event Reporting Procedures -- The Department of Athletic Communications will make every effort to address your post-game needs. We make available full box scores for most sports within 30 minutes of the game's conclusion. We will e-mail you packed game files, along with an HTML file, and a game story (if requested) as soon as possible following the game (if applicable). We e-mail box scores to your media list, provided we receive the list at least 24 hours prior to the contest.

Opposing coaches and/or Athletic Communications representatives have access to a phone, computer and photocopier, if needed, to report to their media outlets.

Post-Event Media List -- Please e-mail members of the Department of Athletic Communications with a packed game file and HTML and/or pdf box score following the conclusion of the event. If you are unable to fulfill this request, please let those know in advance so that they may make arrangements to get the information.

Records -- Athletic Communication note: Only known statistics and other information were included when compiling the record book. If you think there is an error or a record omitted, please call the Department of Athletic Communications at (262) 243-2664 or e-mail Director of Athletic Communications Steven Schauer. There are several players we have career totals for, but no season totals. Without documented season totals we cannot add them to the Season Records. All records require a form of documentation to verify the accuracy of the information.

CUW Athletic Communications Department Media Credential Policy

Photography and Videography Guidelines, Credential Request

NCAA Division III Links

Athletic Communications Department Student-Athlete Questionnaire

Social Network Policy

Student-Athlete Athletic Communications Media Informational Sheet

CUW Official Logo

To request CUW's official logo please send an e-mail to Director of Athletic Communications Steven Schauer at
CUW Athletics branding style guide.





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