BLOG: Landherr, Burke, and Zinnecker Played Internationally

BLOG: Landherr, Burke, and Zinnecker Played Internationally


After our stay in Prague, we safely arrived in Vienna! Vienna was beautiful! We played one game against a team called the Wanderers, their pitcher was actually from America, and the team paid for her flight and housing so she could teach and help improve their program. We did win that game 11-0 although no official records were kept for that game.

We had a lot of fans in Vienna too, on the baseball team there were a lot of players from America so they came over after their game and cheered us on!

Our last day there we went to a Palace and got to explore the gardens, which was amazing! Overall, it was a great experience to get to travel the world and play some softball at the same time. We made a lot of friends on the team, and had a great time with all of them!

June 12

Yesterday, we won our last game in Prague! We played some of their national teams. Over here there is not an age limit. Yesterday it rained before our games and when we got there they had big sponges and were using those to get the water off the field!

We also had some interesting plays unfold because of difficulty with the language barrier. One of the girls thought she was called out, got up and left the base and they started chasing her. She ended up scoring! Over all it has been an amazing experience so far! I am looking forward to going to Austria! We leave here soon and it's a five hour car ride by van! I hope it's not too crazy of a ride, they drive like maniacs over here!

June 10

We won both of our games today! Holly played second, I played short and Dani pitched the second game! It was a lot of fun! But really weird to hear a different language while you played. We finally got to eat some dinner at 11 and we have two more games in the morning and then we have a dinner cruise!

Softball swept by Aurora
April 24, 2012 Softball swept by Aurora